Saying how you feel can be nerve-wracking and scary. As you work yourself up to being able to confess, you can easily fall into a “trap”. This mistake is asking your crush’s friends about how your crush feels about you.

It may seem like a good idea because they would definitely know how they feel. However, your crush’s friends don’t give a fuck about you. Even if you are on good terms with them, they still have their friend’s back. From that, there are a good number of consequences that can occur. You can be assured that the news of you liking them is gonna be talked about. Your crush now knows you like them and who knows how many others.

The payoff? Pretty much nothing. The friends probably won’t tell you how your crush feels about you and then bam, you exposed yourself.

Instead, just tell them straight up. If you’re on a road trip from Point A to B, don’t get side tracked by point C. Control what happens in your relationship by keeping other people out of it.

This advice was given by Lily and Cheuny in the first episode of The Sauce talk show found here.