Ladies, this one’s for you. Now, I don’t really know about you but guys are pretty damn simple. Like seriously simple to read and understand. In this article, I’ll be giving you all the tells and tests you need to know.


These tells are going to be pretty common and noticeable. Now, seeing one of these isn’t really a sign. What you want to note is the quantity and repetition of these tells. Let’s say a guy checks off multiple tells and repeatedly shows it. That means, most likely, the guy is interested and you should definitely move onto the next section.

  • Starts the conversation
  • Compliments you
  • Slides up on your stories
  • Replies quickly and isn’t dry when texting
  • Looks away when you catch him glancing at you
  • Texts/Replies when he is playing a videogame
  • Simps for you
  • Finds excuses to be with you, especially one on one
  • Teases, irritates, or tries to piss you off
  • Is awkward when near you

He doesn’t have to do all of them to still like you. Just getting a good amount is still enough for you to see if there’s interest. Honestly, for me, one tell is that I lowkey avoid the person I like. I don’t know why and I want to get rid of the habit but maybe I try to see if they approach me first?

Taking note of what the guy does when you’re near gives clues on their interest in you. If they are usually talkative and makes constant jokes near others yet are sort-of reserved when you’re close is a great tell. Comparing and contrasting behavior allows you to see their true feelings. Guys don’t change their behavior towards someone unless they like them or hate them. Let’s hope its not the latter.


Okay! You got this far so hey, its not looking too bad. Unless you’re really desperate and want someone to like you so you’re in this section hoping for positive results. If so, maybe ignorance is bliss?

These tests basically help to see if the guy is being friendly or if he truly does like you.

The Friend Test

If you’ve read my “How To Tell If a Girl Likes You” article, this is pretty much the same exact concept. Now, one might think that they’re special. Aww, he’s flirting with me and is a pretty damn quick replier. Not to mention, he’s also cute and sometimes starts the convo.

Basically, to differentiate a friend from a potential boyfriend, you need to see their behaviors with other people. If they act the same and text quickly back and whatnot, then you aren’t special lol. However, if you can clearly see a contrast, such as him responding to your text and not to your friends, then bam. Simple as that. To ensure the validity of the test, you might wanna try multiple times or different criterias, such as the tells.

The Videogame Test

Ladies, if your man in question plays a lot of videogames, this one’s for you. You just gotta ask them for a favor, something small but slightly time consuming. Something that they have to drop their videogame for.

Now, before you go calling them up, if you interrupt them when they’re playing a game that cannot be paused, then don’t expect them to stop playing. WARNING: If they leave their game to help you, they should not be trusted.

Basically, see their reactions. If your boy stops building his Minecraft base to help you with something, then awesome. He passed the test.

You can also replace the videogame with something else. Maybe a hobby of his? Just see their reaction to whatever favor you’re asking for. If he prioritizes you, then it is clear that he’s into you.

The Other Friend Test

Once again, this is directly from the How to Tell-Girl Version article. I think that it’s pretty universal to show disappointment when expectations are not met.

These expectations come from a potential hang-out or opportunity to spend time with you. If you two are making plans to go out and get some food, ask if another guy can come along. You want to see how he reacts. If he shows confusion or disappointment, then you know that he expected to just have some quality alone time. It shows that he clearly just wants to have a one on one.

Conversely, if he is like “oh yeah for sure!” and does not hesitate with that line, then they probably don’t really care if you two are alone or not. Other key lines that fail the test are:

  • “Hell yeah!”
  • “The more the merrier”
  • “Oh snap, lets get Joey in here too then”

Basically, positive reaction= bad, negative reaction = good!

You want to do this test face to face or something like facetime to monitor their body language and reactions. Doesn’t really work in text or call because you can’t do that on those mediums. In addition, hesitation is key to note. Having a positive reaction while hesitating means its a fake ass response.

Warning. Do not repeat this test. In fact, if they pass, you probably want to let them know that you like them or something of the sort. If you invite another guy, he might think you just think of him as a friend. Do not let that happen by performing this test incorrectly. If that happens, you capped yourself.


Aight, the verdict is out. If the tells and tests all point south, then yeah. The dude isn’t into you. However, if he passes the tests and the tells are pretty telling, then congratulations. He likes you.

Now what do you do? First of all, if you like him back, let him know. Yeah it’s scary to say it out to the world but it is a hill worth overcoming. Just say it and hey, you know he’ll reciprocate. Its easy going from then on out and I have a boat load of other articles for that.

What you don’t want to do if give hints. Some guys might not pick up on them and just miss it entirely. In fact, I bet if you send them the girl article, they’ll still miss that hint. Just be upfront and say it!

Good luck, you got this. I believe in you!