In honor of the third and final installment of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, I went back and watched Centineo’s performances in his Netflix films. He also starred in Swiped and The Perfect Date. Here, I took a look at exactly what techniques he uses to display his charisma and make him a loveable main character while also having inherent flaws.

Consistent Eye Contact

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is how much Centineo uses this when having dialogue with his other co-stars. Whenever he is talking, he is looking straight at the person. He rarely ever breaks and he continues to look at them as he finishes his sentence. While he has stunning eyes, it has a bigger subconscious effect. Maintaining his eye contact shows that he is confidence in what he is saying.

However, just looking at the person isn’t enough for this new heartthrob. If the person he is conversing with says something funny, he looks anywhere except for their eyes. This sudden change is so effective because it breaks what he’s been doing. Centineo looking away to laugh amplifies that laugh and makes the other person feel so much better about the joke that they did. Its like, you caught him off guard and he can’t continue to look you in the eye.

This contrast is used in reverse as well. He could be laughing and suddenly stop and start talking seriously in a matter of seconds. These clear cuts on his demeanor increases his charm because you can tell his sincerity with each one.

You can use this method in your conversations too. Start with the eye contact. Don’t be afraid to look them in the eye and reacting to what they’re saying with nods and smiles. Easily break that eye contact with a heartful laugh and a quick glance somewhere else, like you’re taken aback by how damn funny they are.

Strong AF Compliment Game

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how he used his eye contact and body language, I’m going to highlight exactly what it replaces: words. Everyone likes compliments but too much of it creates unwanted tension. Overdoing it makes you seem like a total suck up. He uses his body to convey these compliments and carry them past the superficial level. In addition, he uses jokes to supplement his compliments in a way that removes tension yet still appears genuine.

Notice the way he looks her up and down while he compliments her. He takes time to admire how beautiful she is. Additionally, he breaks that oh so important eye contact previously mentioned. All this combined speaks a powerful message that transcends words. The contrasts of body language paired up with a great choice of words is a much better compliment than the words by themselves.

In circumstances where he doesn’t rely on his body to supplement his praises, he turns them into jokes. Each compliment creates some tension where the other person is trying to figure out how to react. Should I say “thank you” or do I just smile and nod? Centineo avoids this scenario by putting a joke at the end of it.

He ends this with saying how she is both confident and weird. In turn, she laughs at the joke he made. This is critical to good flirting and conversations in general as compliments by themselves sort of stall the conversation. It puts a bit of a lull in it. Instead, Centineo puts a spin on it by placing a joke that relieves any tension created. This push-pull pattern that he employs works because it keeps the conversation continuing.

Next time you compliment someone that you are interested in, add another sentence or two that allows them to talk. “You’re pretty good at this” can easily have a pause followed up with “not better than me tho”. This invites the other person to accept the challenge and keep the conversation flowing.


Peter Kavinsky and Brooks Rattigan are stellar characters that are, kind of the same. Noah Centineo has a tried and true formula that many are excited to see again in the last of the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy. I know I’m excited to see what performance he puts on.

He does an excellent job of demonstrating genuine charm. These techniques are simple in theory but in order to have success with replicating them, you must tweak it for your own personality. His jokes can’t be copied onto someone else. In turn, you can learn from him but you can’t blindly do everything he does step by step.

I wanted to put more content such as stepping out of your comfort zone but honestly, its all in the script. Life isn’t scripted but if you want to know more about doing activities you wouldn’t normally do and gaining confidence through that, check out my other article here!

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