Now, more than ever, is the time to have your own personal baseball bat. There are so many scenarios and situations where having a bat will benefit you. In this economy, in this state of the nation, you are not prepared if you don’t have your own baseball bat.

Thankfully, there are a couple of options for everyone’s needs and style.

El Clásico

This is the standard baseball bat. Nothing much to it, its clean and simple. Can crack open a dude’s skull and get you a home run. Multi-purpose while having the elegant wooden finish.


  • Professional-Grade
  • Bio-Degradable


  • Boring. People expect it
  • Splinters :(

The Softie

This one’s for the kids out there. Nothing better to start training them than with the foam baseball bats. Not a hard hitter but still fun to squish and the texture is pretty cool. Family Friendly Fun! Pro-tip: If you have one of these and are looking to upgrade for free, soak it in water and let it air-dry. The foam will harden up.


  • Cheap
  • Look at that grip
  • Free clown nose included


  • Power Level 1
  • No one will take you seriously


If you’re looking to be cool and all that, look no further. These metal baddies are packing more heat than meets the eye. This will definitely get you the most bang for your buck. Not for the feint of heart.


  • Will beat pretty much any other bat in pure power
  • Looks cool
  • Lightweight


  • Tryhard
  • Pretty damn expensive
  • Careful for dents

World War Z

This is the shotgun of the bats. Like homie, this is serious zombie brain busting type of lethal. The spikes are pretty cool though, not gonna lie. You can even spice it up with dried blood and whatnot. Take the classic and combine it with nails for a fun DIY project!

Variant: Barbed Wires


  • One Hit KO
  • Literally no one will mess with you
  • Spooky


  • Can’t really bring it to the ballpark
  • Slow recovery time
  • Not sold in stores

The Stick



  • Doesn’t really break the budget
  • Found literally anywhere
  • 10/10 if you are a dog or own a dog


  • It’s a stick
  • not really a bat?


All the bats are pretty good, just pick the one that you feel fits the most to your personality and usage. If you’re looking for power, WWZ and Megatron are definitely at the top of the pack. Lower end bats such as The Stick and The Softie are great for the family! Kid tested, parent approved!

If you still aren’t sure, the classic covers all the boxes. You can’t really go wrong with it. The fundamental baseball bat for everyone!