You’re here because you like someone and you’re thinking of confessing to that special someone in your life right now. I know its a difficult and nerve-wrecking process that can take days or weeks to build up the courage to do so. However, there are several great ways to say that you like someone and there are plenty of not so great ways. Those ways can be found here. 

The biggest mistake that you can make when confessing is to do it through text or call. Using your phone will send you straight to the friendzone. I have noticed that, without a doubt, every time one of my friends have told their crush their feelings through texting or calling, they have been rejected and the results ended up sour. 

You don’t want this. At the end of the day, you want to end up with them. By remembering this crucial step, your chances of avoiding rejection increases significantly. Talking to them in person is so important because it shows that you have courage. They can see your confidence and it also allows you to see their reaction first-hand. Through text, your crush can leave you on read or take time to analyze what you’re saying. Being straight forward while talking to them allows you to get an unfiltered response and that’s why confessing in person works. It shows that you’re not afraid and it gives you information on your next move. Now go out there and get the one you like!