Listen up, turn on your VPN, and get ready for the only love article you’ll need, Providing you about 10 ways to grab that special person, you’ll soon be in their arms and heart! Don’t believe me? Well, read below!

1: Give a Gift!

If you’re that classy and have a little spare money to share, give them roses, chocolates, or a stuffed toy bear. Everybody loves surprises and goodies! 

2: Send them simple messages!

Back in the wagon days, lovers wrote to each other. So, see this opportunity as a way to introduce yourself a bit more openly if you are unable to talk to them. It can range from a cute “You look adorable today” to heartfelt confessions! 

3: Communication is key!

In order for you to become close, you need to engage in conversations with this special person to see what they’re like. Their interests, their hobbies, favorite items, etc. (p.s. you’ll be needing a few info to please them in a date)

4: Open up.

Now I’m not saying you should force yourselves into telling your worst nightmare, but if you truly love this person, then honesty and integrity will do you good. Seeing you open up will broaden and mature their view of you. Also, they’ll feel truly special if you speak to them in a way nobody has heard you talk.

5: Look and listen.

When they converse with you, pay attention to the details such as their face’s expressions and hand motions. Listen to their tone as they speak about certain topics. You can easily spot their likes and dislikes this way. It might even impress them at how sharp of a brain you have! 

6: A Hug, High five, and a fist bump!

Small gestures such as these can provide a better atmosphere to talk in. They give off a feeling of openness, joy, and comfort in each others presence. It can also serve as a big silly “hi!” if you’re unable to talk.

7: Too much.

Eating too much chocolate, gaming too much, running too much— these all establishes an unhealthy lifestyle. So there is such a thing as excessively talking to a person. I suggest that 3 hours is the maximum of a 12 hour day. After all, running out of things to say is an awkward possibility. 

8: Ask them out!

Although it may be a nerve-wracking nightmare, a chance to be alone with them can enhance a relationship greatly. It can also serve as an opportunity to mature your view: their interests, hobbies, etc. Finally, it could form potential inside jokes between the two of you.

9: Connect with others.

Seeing you connect with their friends and close ones suggests your interest in them is past their looks. It can also provide info on what type of person they are. However, be careful not to judge them based on their circle.

10: There’s no better you than you!

Above all things, just be the best you you can be! There’s no use in pretending and lying about who you are. Nobody can continue lying forever without consequences. Besides, if they can’t appreciate how amazing of an individual you are, then they’re far from that special person you truly deserve! 

I hope that these ten pieces of advice have been helpful and that your attempts will be successful. For more content, check out more of this website and its authors’ emails. I’ll be uploading soon enough, but for now stay frosty! 

Miss Matcha Penguin signing out!