Welcome to Phase II gentlemen. My previous articles help you to get the girl. Now, I hope you have the relationship you want. It’s time to understand their actions, their words, and what they want. Ladies are confusing, especially to us men and that’s what Phase II is really about. Understanding and putting that knowledge into action.

“Im Fine”

They’re most definitely not fine. This one is simple. Too simple even. However, the difficult part is not coming to the conclusion that something is wrong, its helping her afterwards. One common trap is that you try to solve the problem for her. Just ask her what’s REALLY wrong and listen to her problems. Ask if she wants your help or not but be there to support her first and foremost.

If she doesn’t want to tell you, don’t force it. Keep in mind that she’s going through something and be ready when she is ready to tell you.

“Go Ahead”

This is mostly a response if you ask to go to do something with a different girl. First of all, you’re dumb as hell for asking that question. Like bro wtf are you doing??? Second of all, Go Ahead does not mean go ahead. That’s like passing go when going to jail in monopoly and not getting money.

What she really means is “Go ahead and I’ll be pissed” and yet, pissed would be an understatement. Basically, don’t ask for permission to do something with another girl. Nothing good will come out of it.

One Word Responses

You done messed up A a ron. Basically, a plethora of one word responses means she doesn’t want to talk to you and that could be from various reasons. You probably know why you messed up. Maybe you asked her if you could go with a girl to do something. Either way, its not a good thing.

My advice is to just let her cool down. She’s not gonna be mad at you forever. However, don’t acknowledge that you are going to ignore her. Let her think you are clueless but not that clueless, you feel me.

If she continues to give one word responses, you probably want to ask her what’s up. It’s obviously bothering her and being on her mind for a while.

“I’ve been thinking about…”

Basically, if she brings something up that she wants to do, she wants you to invite her to do it. This might seem super basic and self-explanatory but might go over the heads of some guys. So lets say she says “I’ve been thinking about going mini-golfing”, invite her to go mini-golfing. It’s one of those things where, she hits about it because she doesn’t want to say it straight up.

I know it’s weird and you’re like “Why do girls do that” but hey man, I don’t write the rules. That’s how it is. Just do it. Don’t feel forced though, that’s how you not make it fun.

More in Store!

I will continue to update this article as I research more and remember stuff. By the end of phase II, I’m certain I’ll have more than doubled the original content. Stay tuned!