If we can’t go out, we have to be more creative ladies and gentlemen. Now, I’ll split this article into 2 sections because its much harder for someone to slide into a girl’s DMs.

Sliding into Spicy Senorita’s DMs

Method 1 – Smooth Slidin’

Now, starting it off, like anything else is a daunting task. There are two ways to go about this: Waiting for an opportunity or straight up messaging her. Waiting is definitely the safer and easier of the two options. This is done just by waiting until they post on their insta or snap story. For example, if they post about a new album or song, take a listen to it. Then afterwards, slide up and reply to it with your thoughts. Engage in a great convo but if you feel it dying, let it go. Don’t force anything the first day. Afterwards, continue to see other related items and start another conversation on that. Keep it simple yet organic.

For example, lets say that they are watching Finding Nemo and you’re like “Woah I’ve watched that movie before.” So then you reply to their story and yall talk about your favorite movies. You can continue this to asking them to watch a movie with you. Use their interests to transition into a date or hanging out.

Hidden tip: If you’re really desperate and they aren’t posting anything on their story, ask one of your mutual friends to tag her in one of those damn instagram challenges. Slide up on that.

Method 2 – Straight Up

If you go this route, I applaud you. This is definitely a high risk high reward but it is definitely a tried and tested way of sliding. It takes less time than the first method but it could end up going wrong. Start off with a compliment such as “Just wanted to say, you have a great smile” and continue off that. You can tell if they like the energy through their responses, such as the length of their texts and how long it takes to text back. Remember, in quarantine, people aren’t doing anything so if they aren’t texting you, its because they don’t want to. This method shows that you’re interested in them and you want to hang out.

Important Notes:

  • Don’t use pick up lines. Be creative and be genuine. Pick up lines are cheesy and doesn’t start you off on the right foot.
  • The typically progression goes Insta->Snap->Number->Facetime
  • If you have an android, stick to insta or snap. Even out the playing field cuz you’re gonna be at a disadvantage if you’re texting.
  • Don’t be dry and start off with “Hey” or something equivalent. Also, make sure your replies are good. People can’t reply to “lol”
  • Don’t send mixed signals. Let them know your intentions.

Sliding into the Guy’s DMs

Be straight up

Ladies, if you make the first move, I just have to say you’re awesome. Respect. Secondly, since you’re the one making the move, its really simple. You have the element of surprise. Just tell the guy that you think they’re attractive and if they would like to hang out. Just a simple compliment is enough to make that guy’s day and if they’re interested, they’ll let you know. Follow the same notes as above and if it works out, that’s great. Be straight up and let him know that you’re interested in him and he won’t play games.

Finishing Thoughts

Don’t overcomplicate things. Be yourself and treat the person like you were talking to them IRL. Regardless if you have your first interaction through text or through a face to face conversation, if they like you, they like you.

If you need more tips on texting and how to become a better and more engaged texter, I have an article for that here.