It’s that season again. Love is in the air and there’s no denying it. The seasonal dances are on their way and it’s time to get ready. Over the past two months, I have collected data from over 90 seniors and juniors at my school. I’ve gathered the trends, these are the best ways to ask a girl to a dance.

Show, Don’t Tell

One of the biggest stats that surprised me is the overwhelming amount of Girls that want a private promposal. Over 80% of girls that I asked wanted guys to ask them in private. This means, unless you know FOR SURE that the girl you want to ask is looking for a public proposal, do it alone or with a close group of friends.

One of the reasons why is to not put pressure on the person you are asking. By keeping it between the two of you, she won’t feel pressured to say Yes in front of a crowd. This will make her more comfortable because she is not in a forced position.

This also allows for a more intimate moment for both of you, without seeing all the commotion and cameras. That being said, if you’re confident that she would want a public promposal, go for it! Additionally, if you have been with this person for a while or yall are dating, asking the question publicly isn’t a bad move at all.

The Triple Threat

Gentlemen, there are several ways to get to a ladies’ heart. However, when asking them out to a dance, there are only 3 that are necessary. A poster, food, and flowers. These 3 items are easy to incorporate into a promposal and work well with each other. Before we start, 45% want a poster, 30% want food, and 40% want flowers.

Now, what does this mean exactly? The safe bet is flowers. Girls LOVE flowers (unless they’re allergic or something) and asking them with flowers is romantic as hell. Get her a pretty bouquet before you ask her and you might get back a date to the dance.

Posters and food, on the other hand, can be a tricky one. First, your taste in posters have to be good. This means, creating a funny yet sweet message while also having decent design. If you believe you can pull it off well, do it. My tip is to enlist in a girl friend’s help, they’re usually great with that. If you’re stuck on ideas, check out Pinterest. Keep in mind that you should make the poster have some form of relation to the girl, either through her interests or an inside joke.

Food can also work with the posters. If you incorporate it into the poster, that’s great. However, if you mess up and get her something she doesn’t like, its gonna look a bit rough for you. Just make sure to know what she wants and work off that. Candy is a great way to incorporate food into your promposal but make it personal. Get her something she really loves!

Save the Date

While only receiving 11% preference from the girls that I talked to, a date is a great way to ask her to a dance. Think about it, you’re spending an upwards of $200 or more with the dance through tickets and clothes. Wouldn’t you want to make sure you have a great time?

Minimize the risks and ask her on a date. If she says yes, great! If she says no, then you won’t have to worry about wasting money on the flowers and posters and whatnot.

Going on a date makes total sense because you want to make sure that you enjoy spending time with her. You don’t want to realize this mid-way through the dance. If the date goes well, you’re able to ask her the question afterwards and it works out completely. If it doesn’t, then no harm no foul. You can move on and you won’t regret that memorable dance night.

Last Impressions

Before I end off this article, I just want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. Don’t worry if you can’t dance, literally no one cares or is watching you. Go out there, be yourself, and make the most of the night. The dance is what you make of it.

If you don’t have a date, that’s fine too. Like I said, make the most out of it, the more energy you put into the dance, the more that will come out.

If you’re scared of asking that person you’ve been wanting to ask, think about the worst that could happen. She could say no. That’s literally it. However, I want you to focus on the best that could happen. She can say yes and you’ll be this amazing ball of happiness and you could have a night that you’ll look back on for years to come. Go for it. You’re not going to regret it, I promise.