Gentlemen, while looks are the first level of attraction, girls that are worth your time are searching for way more than that. These next 3 steps will help you to impress and interest girls that are “out of your league.”

Stop having the “She’s out of my league” mindset

Before I start, however, I placed that last phrase in quotes because I want you to know that you cannot know if a girl is out of your league. If you see someone looking like a spicy senorita, don’t assume that they are out of your reach. She will tell you if she is.

By having that mindset, you are setting yourself up for failure. You are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. In addition to this, it will make you subconsciously feel like you are inferior to her. This will make your next moves look less confident and more desperate. Avoid thinking about “leagues” like the plague and you will be able to talk to any girl.

Make her laugh

Being able to make her laugh is a key component to attracting any girl. Being funny is a whole other article, however, so keep watch for that in the future. The key to making girls laugh is by showing you are having a great time. People laugh when they are having fun. If you yourself aren’t bringing laughter to the table, she sure won’t be laughing as well.

Now, putting some science into this, if a girl is mad cute, making her laugh is the perfect solution. The more she laughs, the more her eyes are closed, the less she looks at you. Its a win-win and allows you to move on with the next step.

Be Interesting

Nothing is better than someone that has a passion or great stories to tell. Being an interesting person is critical to connect with ladies because it shows you have a personality. In today’s day and age, its easy to get caught up in conversations that quickly bore the other person. To have a quick guideline on what to say or not say.
F – Family
O – Occupation
R – Recreation
D – Dreams

However, avoid starting a conversation in these topics:
R – Religion
A – Abortion
P – Politics
E – Economics

By staying in FORD, you’re able to show her that you are interesting without potentially offending her. You can share plenty of stories that have to deal with your current lifestyle and past events (with family and such). It also allows you to talk about her FORDs and she will associate you with positive thoughts that come with those topics.

Remember, being out of her league is only a mental game. Reject that mentality and bring the fire and sizzle with charm and enthusiasm. If you’re still having problems or aren’t too sure about the advice in this article, feel free to click here to check out my piece on creating an insane first impression.