Alright my kings, this article is for you. It’s prime cuffing season and you only have have one shot to start off on the right foot. Reading and internalizing these next steps can put your holiday season from mistle no to mistletoe.

Step 1 – Show Your Confidence

This is probably the most important step to nailing the first impression. By being confident, it subconsciously and consciously makes her attracted to you. Humans, as a whole, are more drawn towards confident individuals. Being confident already sets you up for the next steps and will definitely help to get you noticed.

To learn more about growing this natural confidence, read my article here. It will teach you the basic outlines of becoming more confident. However, even though you are still learning, act like you are confident. Over time, by “faking it”, you will begin to internalize the confidence and it will come naturally through each interaction. Before you know it, you and others around will notice you are confident without you realizing it.

Step 2 – Show Interest In Them

Being confident won’t get you very far if you don’t spend any time talking to them. You have to be clear that you want to get to know them. At the start, after introductions and whatnot, ask questions about themselves. Let her know, through your actions, that you want to get to know her better and that you are interested in her.

However, make sure to not put all of your attention towards her. That comes off as creepy and clingy. Girls can sense desperation from a mile away. Place your focus on other things. For example, if you are at a party, don’t spend the whole time with her. By leaving her alone at times, it shows that you respect her personal boundaries. Coupled along with focusing on her when you do interact, it gives her the impression that you value her time as well as your own time.

Step 3 – Connecting With Her Afterwards

As your time together closes, make sure to ask for her contact info. This may include snapchat, insta, number, etc. Keep in mind though that the number is more intimate while instagram is not as much. This shows the girl that you are interested in talking to her more in the future and gives you a window to do so.

Another way to connect is by asking her out on a date. This is a great move if you really connected with her and are ready to pursue something more. Remember to be specific and set a date/time/place when asking. It will give you a definite yes or no and it also lets you know how she feels. She says yes? Great! You know that she is interested. She says no? That is also fine. You won’t waste your time wondering “what if?” and instead allows you to move on with your life. 2020 is approaching and its time to stop wasting our time and energy with regrets or worries. Be straightforward and genuine and you will get a reply back that lets you know your next move.

Tips and Tricks

Break the Touch Barrier!!!

Breaking the touch barrier helps to make your connection more intimate. It shows that you are interested in her and aren’t afraid to make moves. Do a simple 3 second touch on the shoulders or upper arm. Afterwards, slide your hands off and see how she reacts. If she reacts coldly, such as moving away or jerking away, it means she is not interested. On the flipside, if she reacts positively, there is a good chance (not 100% certain) that she is interested. Make sure to be respectful, hence the 3 seconds only. However, do not touch in too short of duration or too long, otherwise it will be creepy.

The Triple Eye Contact

This is a good way to show you are interested but the execution is tricky because it could lead to you seeming to be creepy. First, look at her when she isn’t looking (but do not stare). Let her catch you looking at her. This is important. Look away for a while and afterwards, look back at her and let her catch you again. On the third time she catches you, look away then look back quickly and smile. If done successfully and smoothly, she will realize that you interested in her but are still somewhat shy. Only do this move after you got to know her a bit.