Everyone can notice if a person has confidence. It shows through how they talk, how they act, and how they go on about their life. There is no doubt that famous celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth and Kobe Bryant have confidence. Every step they take screams that they know exactly what they want and that they have their life in check. Here are 4 ways to become more confident. 

Step 1- Smiling More

This step is so simple yet so effective. It has been proven that by smiling more often, it will cause a chain reaction that means you will smile more in the future without even thinking about it. Smiling releases dopamine, even if you are forcing it, which means you will be in a better mood and often, happier as well. This mindset is crucial to become more confident because if you’re genuinely happy, others around you will notice as well. 

Step 2- Maintain an Open Body Posture

People with confidence do it naturally, without even thinking about it. This means that their movements match their conscious actions. To do maintain a naturally open body posture, you have to train your body to become more loose and open. This means having: A straight back, open hands, widened shoulders and separated feet, and keeping your head/chin up.

Correcting yourself to this posture means that later on, you won’t have to correct your body. It will automatically be open while talking, walking, and interacting with others. Taking up more spaces shows that you are more confident and comfortable with your environment.

The flipside to this is bad for your confidence: Closed Body Posture. Having crossed arms and a slouched back shows the world that you want to be “closed” off. People also come across this as “I’m angry with you” and other negative connotations. They can pick up from this subconciously even if you don’t mean to send those signals. 

Step 3- Going Outside of your Comfort Zone

Everyone has areas in which they are comfortable in. However, by going outside your comfort zone, it will set you up for success down the road. By doing tasks that you wouldn’t normally do, it subconsciously builds up confidence inside of you. 

For example, an area in which I tended to shy in was talking to cute girls. I was scared that I would mess up and embarrass myself. One day, I decided to just go for it and talk to someone that I never talked to before in public. I can’t remember if it was a girl or not but just the act of going up to someone and having the courage to talk to them helped to register in my mind that girls weren’t any different. I could talk to them and have a normal conversation and after that, go our separate ways. 

This example might not apply to you but the point still stands. By opting into scenarios where you might be nervous about, it will help you to not be nervous about those scenarios in the future. 

Step 4- Know that no matter what, You will be okay

This step builds up from the previous step. Being confident means that, you know you will survive in any scenario. Whatever the outcome is, it will not destroy your life. This is an important mindset to have to get confidence because it embodies what confidence means. People that have full faith in themselves know that, even if everything goes completely wrong, they are able to pick themselves back up and move forward with their lives. 

Think about the worst outcomes will be in any scenario. “What will happen if I talk to this girl?” If you really ponder upon it, the worst that could happen would probably be a stale conversation but thats not the point. The point is that you walk out of that conversation without losing anything. You’re still breathing and it hasn’t really affected you. 

Sticking to this mindset will make you more confident because it means you will go out of your comfort zone and that you will not regret it. 

Following these 4 steps can help you build confidence over time. Remember to continually follow the steps in order to build a habit and as you progress, it will become second nature. Additionally, your confidence will rise as you continually put yourself out there and then you won’t have to think about it. Faking it til you make it doesn’t work for all things, however, for confidence, it is the best way to becoming a more confident person.