Let me set the scene for you. It’s 10 P.M. on a hot summer night, your ceiling fan is spinning around and around. You stare at no particular spot in the ceiling, nervously rehearsing scenarios in your head. You clutch clasp your hands together and start talking to yourself: “Hey we’ve been hanging out for a while now and…” Well, you can’t even say it alone. How could you possibly say it in front of gasp that special someone. You pull out your phone, tears in your eyes and search up this phrase: How to ask out my crush. Getting a little desperate huh? Well I guess that since you’re reading this I might as well help you. Just know, you got this!


OK here’s the math in case your doubting yourself:
Chances of success if you don’t ask: 0%
Chances of success if you do ask: >0%
See it’s simple math. The first step is realizing that if you really want to get with your crush, you need to ask or it’s never going to happen. You’re not going to magically get stuck in a closet with that person or fall on top of them in an anime-esque scenario, it’s all up to you.


Oh here’s the section you’re looking for right? You’re asking how do I phrase the question? Do I stand straight, look them dead in the eyes??? HOW!!???? Well… calm down first. Then I would say, don’t have a strategy. Just go in the moment, if they confess they like you too, you can’t just go with the same confession, you need to organically talk to them. If that’s something you can’t do then the best advice is say what you need to say as soon as possible to leave as little room to chicken-out. Also looking them in the eyes does help.


No. Gifts will make the other person feel obligated to give something back and accept because you bought something for them. Overall, giving gifts right away comes away as very tacky and would probably make your crush feel bad. Which you don’t want BTW.

But What About the Consequences?

Don’t think about what’s the worst that could happen but think what’s the best that could happen. You could have a happy relationship that lasts your entire life and have someone to talk to and support you. Which is really nice. This is probably the hardest part and most people overthink the consequences so much like “are they going to hate me afterwards and never talk to me again?”. No, if you’re truly very close friends, and they reject you, they’ll still be close and if you act mature about it and stop thinking about them romantically, the relationship will return back to normal. Then you have the added benefit of not severely crushing over someone you can’t have.

Still Can’t Do It?

If after all this, you still can’t see yourself asking and are going to find another website that is more helpful and nicer. Well.. good luck with that. However, if you can’t take the advice of say what you feel and don’t worry about the consequences, maybe you just don’t like that person enough. Remember, if you really like this person and want to spend time with them, you need to know them and be interested enough to go through with asking them out. If not, just drop it and maybe you’ll find someone else you really do like. Thanks for reading!