The World Canine Organization has identified and recorded over 340 species of dogs around the world, all individually interesting and unique. Among these canines out there is the enthralling labradoodle. Here you’ll find 20 facts about the beloved creature!

1: Fur-free!

This hybrid was originally made for fur-allergic dog lovers and future owners by Wally Conran from Guide Dogs Victoria in Australia. Labradoodles also shed less than other breeds. So if one is to consider being a dog owner without much hassle, this breed is the most fitting for a partner!

2: Variety!

This species’ coats vary from color such as silver, black, cream, chocolate or apricot. Sizes also differ from dog to dog, typically reaching up to 14-22 inches in height and 25-45 pounds in weight. It all depends on ancestry, genes, and other environmental factors.

3: Popularity!

This dog also has its share in popularity, hanging around famous stars such as Canadian/American actor-Beau Mirchoff, English broadcaster-Jeremy Clarkson, Irish comedian- Graham Norton, and American actress-Jennifer Aniston.

4: Origin and Skills!

Originating from Australia, it’s a mix of the Labrador and Poodle. It exceeds in sports, herding, tracking, agility, and are capable of opening doors and gates. Usually, they are also able to find their way back home when they wander off missing. 

5: Its Nature!

H20 lovers such as this species love walking through sprinklers and rain, plus swimming in bodies of water such as pools, rivers, lakes, etc. Labradoodles also enjoy being around children, and having a gentle nature, are safe to be around in general. 

This mixed breed in general is a suitable, delightful partner to have around. I especially encourage this dog for future dog owners who have problem with over-shedding and fur. Have a lovely day and stay frosty!

Miss Matcha Penguin signing out!